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Healthy Media Habits For Young Children

With the explosion of internet usage in the daily lives of people all over the world, it has become essential to teach the next generation healthy media habits. Since there are plenty of inappropriate stuff on the internet, it is very important to teach kids how to utilize their net access. Many parents are still learning how to deal with letting kids use the internet. Here are a few tips collected from educational experts to help you out:

· Choose Age Appropriate Stuff
If you allow your kids are allowed to download, see or play anything via the internet, it is your job as a responsible parent to check up on them. Although many media products available on the internet come with appropriate age labels, it is finally up to you to decide whether your child is ready for it or not. If you feel uncomfortable in any way let your child know and slowly guide them towards something more appropriate and that your kids will surely enjoy.

· No Screen time In The Bedroom
Teach your kids to keep their electronic devices out of their bedrooms. This helps curtail their internet usage during late hours and missing out on sleep. Experts also recommend keeping it a strict no screen zone for at least an hour before bedtime. This allows the kids’ bodies to get prepared for bedtime and will help them fall asleep faster, ensuring they have a productive day the following day.

· Switch Off If Not In Use
This particular rule is amore applicable for televisions. If no one is watching the TV, you need to switch it off immediately. Background TV is guilty of exposing kids to age-inappropriate content unknowingly. If you prefer to have some kind of background noise, you can opt for podcasts or audiobooks which are kids appropriate.

· Enjoy Media With Your Kids
Take some time to bond with your kids over their favorite kind of media. You can have face-off challenges playing their favorite games or watching favorite movies. Spending time together as a family helps kids evolve into better human beings with the ability to forge longer lasting relationships.

· Practice What You Preach
If you lecture your kids not to use the internet too much but tend to be guilty of doing it yourself, then your advice will fall on deaf ears. Kids need to see you practice what you advice them to understand that these practices will help them become better people in the long run. When kids observe their parents using self-control to regulate their usage of electronic devices, they are more likely to pick up the habit faster.

· No Devices At The Dinner Table
A major mistake made in most households is when the usage of electronic devices allowed during dinnertime. This takes away from sitting together and having a meal as a family. You need to utilize this time to talk to one another and find out how their day was. A well planned schedule with enough time for them to use the internet for a little while everyday will help them learn to organize their time better in the future as well.


Don’t Miss This Christmas Movie List

Christmas is the time of the year which brings the happiness of festivities and quality family time together. Arranging feasts, attending church and singing Christmas carols are just some of the things everyone looks forward to each year. Once the feast is eaten, what is more enjoyable than revisiting old childhood memories and watching classic Christmas movies? Here is a short compilation of some of the best movies to watch at your family this year and the years to follow. Grab a hot drink and a cozy seat and take a trip down memory lane.

· Just Friends: A beautiful story of the friendship between a man who returns to his hometown for holidays after several years and a self-proclaimed pop star who turns out to be his childhood crush.
· Elf: A heart touching story of a human raised by elves in the North Pole, Will Ferris plays an elf who travels all the way to New York to find his real identity with many hijinks along the way.
· Gremlins: This unusual story is about a young man who finds cute furry creatures that he must care for by following three important rules. The narration revolves around how he forgets one of the three rules of raising the pet and the humorous destruction that follows.
· Die Hard: The first of the franchise, the story begins from a night of December 24th when a holiday party goes wrong.
· Home Alone: Probably the most popular Christmas movie of all time, the child actor Macaulay Culkin plays 8-year-old Kevin McCallister who is left home alone while his family leaves for a Christmas vacation. This movie is a great watch for the kids.

· The Holiday: A mesmerizing love story where Iris(Kate Winslet) and Amanda(Cameron Diaz) swap their homes and lives for the holidays and find love in the most unexpected ways.
· The Polar Express: An animation movie based on the children book “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg, this movie is about a magical train ride to the North Pole and the children who are chosen to board that special train.
· About a Boy: A sweet story about a spoilt brat of a man played by Hugh Grant who lives on the royalties earned off his father’s Christmas song and a boy who he meets while attending a single parents support group and how this proves to be a life-changing experience for him.
· The Best Man holiday: The sequel to The Best Man, it is the story of a group of college friends who reunite during the holidays and how they relive their old feelings love, joy and hatred.
· A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas: This is another part of the famous comedy series which is all about Harold and Kumar’s journey to get a new Christmas tree. Like always, things don’t go as planned and trouble comes at them headlong in the most hilarious ways possible.

Some more honorable mentions are ‘A Christmas story,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ ’The Family Stone’ and ‘Love Actually’ though the list doesn’t have to stop there. Ad our own favourites to this collection and make your Christmas movie night magical every year.


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